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Welcome To Data Search International

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Data Search International (DSI) offers Information Service of Web Research, by extracting online content such as Information and Database for desired topic and in desired format for
Individuals, Institutes and Companies.

Areas Of Web Search : 

* Market Research  Generates potential leads for companies.
* Lead Generation - To tap target market.
* Databases Generation - Database is formed on different topics such as trade-shows, IT firms,etc
* Database Generation - Database is formed for Profile links & Images for infographs, graphs . Collection of presentations ,videos, audios, etc 
* Social Media Database - Information bank is formed of tweets and hash tags,lists from Twitter. Posts, profiles, pages, images and videos,etc from LinkedIn and Facebook, google , Images from pinrest , and data from other social media sites.
* Extraction of blogs, articles, citations.

The extracted information is either stored on computer (MS-Word ,MS-Excel,etc) or on server (Google Drive, Google sheet, Dropbox ,etc)

Advantages :
* Saves time and effort for net surfing to generate huge volume of data. 
* Allows to focus on the task / goal .Thus deadlines are achieved at the earliest
* Keeps us away from physical problems such as over exertion from eye-strain, back ache and saves from side effects of being immobile for longer time
* Get rid of frustration out of irrelevant and misleading data
*Reduce your stress to go through those unknown links of specific area of studies
* Reduces the cost for conducting a search.
Reduces the physical problems such as over exertion from  eye-strain, back ache and  saves from side effects of being immobile for a longer time

Benefits :
1. Professionals dealing with huge volume of data.
2. Students for project work,
3. Professionals like doctors,scientist, professors etc for their research & plan lessons.
4. Individuals & institutes wish to form Knowledgebank or Database
5. Companies to have market research,potential sales leads and database generation for their target market.

" Time is Money & Money Is Precious "